Fun engagement with nature | Activity
Zara and I enjoy nature walks and we try different new things all the time. A couple of days back, while we were holidaying in Goa, in this stunning property where there were many kinds of Flora and fauna, I asked Zara to find and get different colors of leaves and flowers. For eg: I told her to get me something pink. I genuinely thought she'd get me pink bougenvilla flowers, instead she found pink shaded leaves. I was pleasantly surprised. She also collected various shapes of leaves and we spoke of big, small, various shapes and different colors on them and of course colorful flowers. I, unfortunately, don't have a photo of her collection but it was quite a few things and we both absolutely loved it. It was a great way to engage her and both of us observed and learned the variety in the nature that surrounded us. Simple, yet so effective! Try this when you are out next time and let me know your feedback. Read 1000+ parenting tips in GoParento app
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