My Idea of Being Fit -The Fitness Mantra
The significance and Definition of Fitness differs for each one of us based on age,needs and what we actually want to achieve out of  it.Fitness may sound like 60 minutes of Dedicated Gym Time for some or might be an amalgam of Minor Physical activities like Walking followed by Healthy Eating for Rest .While the Actions may differ but the Goal is same for everyone i.e A Healthy and Happy Life. We devote a lot  of Time taking care of our Physical Fitness  but pay very less attention towards our Mental and Emotional Well being.The scope of the Fitness is not just limited to Healthy Eating and Physical activities and the matter of the fact is a Perfect Health is defined as a Balance between Body,Mind and Soul hence it is essential to seek a balance between all three of them for a Happy  and Healthy life. "Optimum Health requires Mind,Body and soul to be in Balance and is the Key to Fitness". WHAT FACTORS TO CONSIDER FOR PLANNING A FITNESS REGIME? One should consider targeting the three Vital Components that defines a complete Human Being i.e Body,Mind and Soul for planning a Fitness Regime Body (Physical Fitness):Physical Activities or any form of exercise followed by Healthy Eating Habits  is the best way to to Nourish your Body .   Eat Simple Homemade Food loaded with Fresh Fruits and Vegetables   Walk regularly(Min of 30 Minutes per day) .Target for short walks if not Long     2. Mind( Mental Fitness):A calm and Focused Mind is the key to Mental Fitness There are numerous way to achieve Mental Fitness as mentioned below Being Physically Active- Yeah Physical activities Improves the Flow of Oxygen towards the Human Brain which helps to Improve Memory and Reasoning abilities. Reading is the one of the Best forms of  exercise for Human Brain. Boost your Vitamin B Levels as its essential for Brain Health Stress Management -Excess Stress Hormones are harmful for Brain Learn something new may be a language or crafts ,just anything which puts your Brain to work.    3. Emotional Fitness : Acknowledging our  Feelings and Emotions and managing them is the key to Emotional Fitness. Pay attention to your Feelings and Emotions :By doing so you are actually sending a message to your Brain for managing the emotions thus making yourself ready for the future when you encounter the similar emotions hence reducing stress hormones. Work on your Emotions :Create a Daily journal where you can jot down all the positive and Negative Emotions experienced during a Day. Meditation:Meditation is the best way of acknowledging your emotions and releasing them naturally. Do What makes your Happy   HOW TO PLAN AN IDEAL FITNESS REGIME An Ideal Fitness Regime should consist of Activities targeting the three key factors i.e  Body,Mind and Soul since Fitness is more about Body’s stability and efficiency in long run.Remember Human Body is more than Fat or Muscles ,its an amalgam of Neurons and Feelings too.  Ideally we should Include one activity from each of the Areas in Daily Fitness Regime apart from Eating Healthy Food. A Physical Activity  -Any Physical activity which pumps up your heart should work.Be it Walking,Swimming,Running,Jumping. Relaxation Techniques like Deep Breathing Exercises or Meditation helps one to keep Calm and effective in Stress Reduction too. Analyze your Emotions by making a Note of them ,Creating a Gratitude Journal or seeking for help if required.   A SNEAK PEEK TO MY FITNESS ROUTINE As quoted above ,the Definition of Fitness differs for each one of us based on the Needs.My Fitness Regime was limited to only Physical Activity followed by Not so  consistent Meditation sessions  before Motherhood happened but things completely changed after my delivery.My Mind was longing for some peace ,there were moments of Melt down and was struggling hard to come out of it.I felt myself Mentally and Emotionally Unstable.Although Short walks helped to the certain extent but was definitely not the complete solution to my Problem and thats where I decided to take some action towards improving my Mental and Emotional Fitness. Here is How i planned my Fitness (As mentioned in sequence )Routine targeting Mind,Body and Soul: Waking up Early in the Morning. Drinking a Glass of Lukewarm water. Repeating to myself all the Positive Affirmations for  a minute (Like how i want my day to be  or i will control my anger today or i will eat healthy Food only).Basically a Positive start for the day (Emotional Booster) 15 Minutes of Deep Breathing Exercises. .Inhale Positive Feelings and Exhale Negative emotions with each Breath( Good for Mental and Emotional Health). 15-30 Minutes of walk in the Nearby Park or Terrace (Amidst Nature) Minimum One Fruit a Day I have dedicated complete 30-45 minutes of the Morning Time for my Fitness and it has eventually came into my Routine.I love maintaining my Fitness Regime as nourishing my MIND ,Body and Soul leaves  me with Immense satisfaction and happiness .Its an out of the world feeling striving hard each single day for accomplishing your Goals.   "Happiness is not a Fitness Goal ,It is a by-Product of Taking care of yourself"   What steps do you take Nourish your Mind,Body and Soul?Do you have a consistent Fitness Routine?   Love, Kanu   Read 1000+ parenting tips in GoParento app
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