How to survive shifting with toddlers (Part 2)
Once all the household stuff is shifted to the new house that's when the main exam starts. For packing your stuff you can hire a movers and packers but for unpacking it's only you who have to work. So here are some tried and tested tips on how to survive that phase with toddlers. Tip 1 While the stuff is being packed write what stuff is inside the specific box that will save your time and energy while unpacking. Tip 2 Keep all the necessary kitchen stuff in one box so that you can atleast start cooking your regular food items that are necessary for your kids. Tip 3 Forget that you will get your gas cylinder as soon as you shift. (here I am talking about shifting to different city) so keep a induction cook top and few vessels with you. Hope this tips are a bit useful. Wit for my next post for more tips. Read 1000+ parenting tips in GoParento app
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