Boredom is as important as other activities and engagements. Here are some thoughts and observations from giving Zara the luxury of boredom - 1. When left on her own, she comes up with her diy activities that she pulls off on her own. That not only gives her confidence but also boosts her imagination. 2. Looking out the window, she and I never see the same things even when we are looking at the same scene. She absorbs the environment and tiniest details that my eyes often don't see. It improves her mental health to have her own thoughts and observations. 3. ME time doesn't ever translate to screen time. 4. Free play is a subset of ME time that is essential to their development and growth. 5. When left on her own, Zara colors better, make taller towers with blocks, etc. This is probably because she enjoys being independent. It boosts her confidence, helps with problem solving and increases focus. 6. It's important for them to learn it at a young age so they can deal with it later in life. This 'activity' of not doing anything will give moms a bit of ME time too 😀 Read 1000+ parenting tips in GoParento app
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