To all the womens
Today on womens day, i would love to thank all the women of my life for making me the person i am today . I totally adore being a women as i can be gracious , pious , caring , adventerous and most important be a mother. Let me thank my lovely women so that i dont miss anyone . 1. Let me start with my grand moms both dadi and nani . My dadi has always been very strong phyiscally and emotionally , contrary my nani has always been very caring and soft . I am glad i could learn different skills from both. 2. Here comes my mom whom i love the most for the small and big things she did and still do . She has raised me to be smarter , stronger n most important be independent. 3. I have 2 aunts ( chachis) . I adore them. One is very caring , cooks from heart . Second one is fitness freak and active. 4. My big sister who has child like heart , innocence in her eyes . Thanks for teaching me goodness in all situation . 5. Now i would like to thank my mother in law who has stood like rock with me. She is emotional n passionate. 6. My sister in law who is most loving mom and protective for her loved ones. 7. My friends who brings out the crazy me . Who brings laughter and joy in my life . I dont know what would i have done without you all . Lets uplift each other and make it a better world . Ps- wish i can raise my son well that he can respect all the women in his life like his father . Read 1000+ parenting tips in GoParento app
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